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I haven’t posted on this in a while, thought it was time for an updated pic.IMG_1140DSC_0409_resize


Billet Master Cylinder Cover

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My latest project, I made a billet lid for my brake master cylinder.



I made some new bellcranks for my accelerator linkage to go with the aluminium rods I’d already made for it. They’re both machined from aluminium with a steel shaft and a bronze bush. It’s much smoother than even a cable set up.

The through firewall bellcrank, polished ready to fit.

And here it is fitted.

And here’s the other bellcrank fitted.

And lastly a pic of the the whole set up.

Boot trim

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One area of the car that’s been lacking was the boot, so over the last couple of weeks I’ve started trimming it.


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A few current pics.

1st cruise

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Took the car for it’s first decent cruise today, went over the mountains to Lithgow, stopped for a pizza at Little Hartley on the way back (One of the best pizzas I’ve ever had!) It was a really good day.

It’s on the road

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I finally got it all together and registered, time to put some miles on it.